Your project partner in research communications and stakeholder engagement.

Who we are

At the beginning, middle and end of every scientific project, it’s crucial that the right information reaches the right stakeholders. That’s where IMPACT comes in!

We set out strategy, write press releases, make videos and live recordings, organize workshops and take care of the overal communications package of every project.

Our projects

We have experience with both large European projects and smaller regional ones. Learn more about our past and currents projects and the role that IMPACT plays in them.

IMPACT magazine

Twice a year, IMPACT magazine brings the newest developments in the bio-based and circular economy.

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Meet the team

Based in the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium. IMPACT is a small, dynamic and multi-disciplinary team. The team is complemented by experts from universities and research institutions who contribute to our work.

Contact us!

Any questions? We would love to reach out and help you with your project.